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However, as sober living homes continue to proliferate throughout the country, we’re beginning to see an uptick in regulation in many states. Provide structured scheduled, curriculum-driven, and/or otherwise defined support services and life skills development. Trained staff (peer and clinical) provide learning opportunities. Written permission from the property owner of record (if the owner is other than the recovery residence operator) to operate a recovery residence on the property. MASH maintains a master list of all sober homes that it has certified in Massachusetts.

  • Structured sober living programs can guide residents on key aspects of living, such as applying and going to work, managing money, and even dealing with interpersonal relationships.
  • And you’ll be planning for a future which wasn’t possible while you struggled with addiction.
  • Additionally, a drug treatment hospital through the Department of Social Services may require licensing certificates from other government entities and licensed by the Department.
  • Everyone in recovery has the right to safe and livable housing in Massachusetts, whether you are looking to rent or own, or to live in certified sober housing.

So, what happens as you go about your day in a sober home in Massachusetts? In fact, you’ll probably find that each one comes with their own distinct scheduling. In order to find out more about how YOUR sober living home works on a day-to-day basis, you’ll want to ask your landlord or manager for details. (e) The director shall periodically evaluate the quality of training being provided to operators seeking certification and the integrity and efficacy of the accreditation program.

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Verification that kitchen and dining area(s) are large enough to accommodate all residents sharing meals together. Verification that a meeting space is large enough to accommodate all residents. Evidence that supervisors (including top management) create a positive, productive work environment for staff. Policies and procedures for ongoing performance development of staff appropriate to staff roles and residence level.

Grievance policy and procedures, including the right to take grievances that are not resolved by the house leadership to the operation’s oversight organization for mediation. Policies and procedures that keep residents’ records secure, with access limited to authorized staff. mash certified sober homes If you have the right attitude in addiction recovery, then you can benefit from finding yourself a sober living home. Effective September 1, 2016, state agencies and their vendors shall only be able to refer clients to certified alcohol and drug free (ADF) housing.

B. Core Principle: Uphold Residents’ Rights

The same steps you’d take when looking for a no-frills sober living home should be covered when seeking out a high-end sober living home. Just because sober living claims to be high-end doesn’t mean it will meet your expectations. There is more than meets the eye than how a sober living facility looks from the outside. It is important to plan to take the steps that will simplify your tax-filing process, such as; keeping a schedule of all business expenses, income, attendance, and mileage.

Other individuals are leaving rehab and looking for a way to bridge their life in treatment and the sober life that awaits them after. Staying in a sober living community is a practical way to ensure you are surrounded by positive influences and the resources you need when you are trying to find your footing in sobriety. At Rockland Recovery, we’re committed to providing compassionate and effective addiction treatment services. Structured sober living homes distinguish themselves from similar houses by having a stacked daily schedule for residents to follow. First, it requires residents to perform tasks that directly aid their recovery. Second, it encourages residents to take responsibility and accountability for their actions.

MassHousing Awards $143,332 for Affordable Sober Housing in Massachusetts

We’ve designed our sober living homes for individuals doing their best to stay sober. For individuals in recovery, staying in our homes will help you heal from substance use disorder with peace of mind and comfort. If you are currently in a treatment program, have an addiction counselor, or going to a mental health professional, they may know of sober living homes in your area.






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